Looking after the most important asset in business


Medibank research suggests that healthy employees are nearly three times more productive and those in poor health take up to nine times more sick leave. Australian business is losing more than $30 billion annually due to poor employee health directly or in presenteeism. A quality staff health appraisal program is an effective organisational strategy to enhance staff well-being and effectiveness. It’s also genuine contributor to morale and corporate culture.

High performing organisations depend on balanced and well people. In the pace of modern life it’s easy to forget that people’s wellbeing is an essential ingredient for them to perform at their best. Our more than 25,000 appraisals to date have resulted thousands of staff having more energy, being switched on, less stressed, improved relationships, fitter, leaner, less back pain and more than a few have detected issues with life saving results. The video and content statement below provides you with the detail of this comprehensive this program.


What’s involved?

Pre Appraisal Questionnaire

Providing extensive information about the participant’s health profile and behaviours.

Blood Test

Blood collection and analysis by registered pathology company includes:

  • Total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglyceride,
  • Blood Glucose,
  • Liver and Kidney Function,
  • several others including PSA for males over 45 years.
  • Bowel cancer screening kit for the person to follow up at home (over 35 or family history)

The Health Appraisal

Conducted at the work place by experienced and well qualified health professional with a highly respectful approach to each person. Includes:

  • Blood Pressure,
  • Height, Weight,
  • Waist to Hip Ratio,
  • Body Fat % or BMI,
  • Lung Function,
  • Distance Vision,
  • Sit Reach,
  • Core Strength,
  • Stress Questionnaire,
  • Calculate Coronary Risk Profile.
  • Discussion of key points, follow up and goal setting suggestions.

Reporting & Support

  • Extensive PDF report displays all historical data so participants can make year on year comparisons,
  • Summary for the family doctor,
  • Expanding online support,
  • Access to “Setting Goals That Really Matter” workshop,
  • Quarterly follow up with tips and links to new resources.

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And we make a difference

As well as promoting personal well-being, we founded these three initiatives because we have a strong belief in doing our best to make the world a better place for all.