For the most important asset in business

What does a history of over 25,000 Corporate Health and Wellbeing Appraisals mean? It means thousands of staff in all sorts of organisations, large and small, now have more energy, are more switched on, less stressed, improved relationships, fitter, leaner, less back pain and more than a few have detected issues with life saving results. And they appreciate the organisation offering the initiative and that boosts corporate culture and morale.


High performance business depends on balanced high performance people – yes? In the pace of modern business it’s easy to forget that people’s wellbeing is the essential ingredient for them to perform at their best. This program will improve the wellbeing of your team leading to more effective people, personally and professionally. That’s a serious step toward them being their best when looking after customers, peers, staff and family. Check out the video for the details.



Did you know we are losing $30 billion every year? Medibank Private research suggests that healthy employees are nearly three times more productive and those in poor health take up to nine times more sick leave. That research also suggests that Australian business is losing more than $30 billion annually due to poor employee health directly or in presenteeism.

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